Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sundays, although just shy of Mondays, can be quite relaxing for me. I often find myself browsing through different blogs, seeing where each click takes me. For some reason, I always happen to stumble upon photography websites and blogs which absolutely entrance me. Photography is such a wonderful expression of a moment. The term "a picture says a thousand" words does not seem to do many pictures justice. Although I'm not getting married anytime soon, I absolutely adore the charm that a "boy meets girl" photo exudes.

Being that I just took the biggest loan of my life, I have to settle with just adoration of this art. I've never been a girl that's been taken by a specific hobby, but I know that if I could just have a nice camera and learn the basics, I could truly fulfill an inner craving to get in touch with my creative side and express emotion through image.

Take a look at these photos that particularly inspired me (honestly I had to REALLY narrow down my list)

Via Shannen Norman Photography

Brooke Sirianni via Grey Likes Weddings
Via Smitten Kitchen

My Mom always taught me that presentation is half the taste when it comes to cooking. The photo above depicts how a simple butternut squash can be turned into a work of art. I die. Honestly, I could bore you with hundreds of photos but you may fall asleep. One day, when I grow up (wait, that was yesterday???) I'll get a big-girl camera and set my imagination free.

Until Next Time....


Friday, November 19, 2010

Sedona Red Rock Inspiration

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend my time in Sedona, Arizona. For those of you that have not been, Sedona is a twenty mile radius of beautiful red rocks and a picturesque canyon range. The fall colors (which we do not get enough of in Phoenix) perfectly complimented the colors of the mountains. See for yourself:

It's simply magical - a picture honestly cannot do the place much justice. After spending 72 hours here I felt so inspired to blog about Fall colors incorporated into everyday life.

Pumpkin Pie - blissfully delicious. Pumpkin pie truly epitomizes the tastes of the Fall season.

A cozy yellow throw. A perfect punch of color and warmth for the cool days of laying on the couch. This throw happens to be from Pottery Barn and is a steal gift idea for just $79.00.

A cinnamon broom. Cinnamon is probably one of my favorite holiday scents, although Apple and Pine are right in my top three. Trader Joe's sells these deliciously scented wooden brooms for under $10.00. They are a perfect addition to start the Fall season and fill your home with a wonderful cinnamon scent all throughout the winter season. The one Trader's sells has a much longer handle than the one in the picture below so I am going to lean it against one of my walls and enjoy the perfect smell of the holidays.

Whether its cooking or decorations, its easy to bring the feeling of the Holidays into your home. In Phoenix its definitely hard to feel the spirit of the season due to the heat, so I try and make up for the lack of appropriate weather by cooking and decorating my new casa.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Challenge

I have always been a fan of food - I love to bake my cake and eat it too. After moving into the the new house, I purchased a wonderful 15 piece set of pots and pans to call my own and make memories with.

My lucky boyfriend (at least I think so) gets to be the guinea pig almost every night of the week for new recipes and concoctions my mind believes will taste good. Now I have to admit, being in a new kitchen definitely takes some getting used to (I burnt chicken a few weeks ago...) but after a few meals in my new place, I've become quite the little chef. The problem is, I make what seem to taste like great meals (especially mid-week) and all I seem to get from the guy is "this is good babe."

"Good." Probably the worst word in the dictionary. It's what I say to strangers that I don't care about when they ask me "How are you?" I could be having the worst day but all they want to hear and all I can say is "good." So why does my loving and, usually very complimenting, boyfriend use this slightly offensive term? See, for me, food is somewhat a way of life. My day can really go up or down based on the meals I eat. I get that he probably doesn't feel as passionate about food as I do, but the thing is - could he have made last sunday's penne with homemade vodka sauce? No. The kid barely can tell what basil looks like - and I love him for it nonetheless.

My new challenge is this - blow his mind will all sorts of recipes. He has to find something to identify his liking other than "good." His idea of "amazing" would be Fettuccine Alfredo from Olive Garden. I have to hand it to Olive Garden, the dish is really tasty for a chain restaurant meal, but its time that D gets a taste of something gourmet and made with love. I will keep you posted on my success rate (or lack thereof..)

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Time

I know Arizona isn't much of an Autumn destination, but the cool nights and cloudy days awaken my hunger for rusty orange decor, pumpkin baked goods and crafts - which is where I began. My mom and I recently picked up this month's version of Women's Day (am I getting old?) and noticed this amazingly easy and cute craft project that we decided to try out. Here is what we started with...

Lots of empty wine bottles (aka: lots of wine drinking). We took a bunch of different wine bottles of all shapes and colors, peeled the labels and got to work. Then our old recyclables turned into this wonderful Fall Time decoration...

Cute candle holders that are a mix of spooky faces and chic elegance. I'm in love! I got to bring these to my new house to create some sense of homeyness amongst the array of moving boxes.

Until next time!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Long Wait is Over

After much anticipation, I finally did it - purchased my very own brand new home. I have to admit I did a pretty dang good job too.

One thing I've learned about post-college adulthood is that things don't always come according to schedule. I had no intention of buying a home for almost a year but as life goes my living situation changed and my future home popped right up. It was almost perfect timing to be honest. Anywho, after living at home for a few weeks (which I have to admit is amazing... kudos to everyone who made this smart decision after school) I'll be moving in my new abode this weekend. Now starts the unpacking, cleaning and finally decorating process.

I've been totally obsessed with home improvement, DIY and interior blogs. Particularly: MadeByGirlPepper Design Blog, and Design*Sponge. I have managed to find amazingly chic decorating ideas that are also very low cost. I think I aim at pricey accessories and affordable staples. For example, I bought a beautiful solid dark wood table on CraigsList for $100.00 (which needs minimal re-staining) and found these beautiful chairs at West Elm to spice it up:

Let me tell you I had no idea how expensive chairs were. Even at Ikea I couldn't find a decent chair for less than $50 for one! I have a feeling that home decorating is going to be putting a huge dent in my wardrobe.

Until next time...


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The World of Blogging

Well I suppose I should start somewhere and what more than to introduce myself into the world of blogging. My name is Nina - I'm a 22 year old young professional who has just entered the lovely life of adulthood. Frankly my life post-college has already bombarded me with "adult" decisions: homes, cars, jobs... who needs it? Me.

I decided to start a blog so I can put and share my ideas in one single space - as opposed to scrap notes and mental "to do's" (bad idea). I recently discovered my love of photography and how many emotions can be expressed through one single picture. I find myself looking at blogs during my spare time and admiring the many talented photographers sharing their passion of the art. Along with photography, I have always had an affinity to interior design. My mother may be one of the most talented unofficial interior designers - she decorated her home flawlessly and has impeccable taste. Of course, like mother like daughter, I too found the beauty in defining your style and personality through your home.

I'm not sure if anyone will even read this but I hope my passion for art, style and food will intrigue my fellow bloggers.