Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The World of Blogging

Well I suppose I should start somewhere and what more than to introduce myself into the world of blogging. My name is Nina - I'm a 22 year old young professional who has just entered the lovely life of adulthood. Frankly my life post-college has already bombarded me with "adult" decisions: homes, cars, jobs... who needs it? Me.

I decided to start a blog so I can put and share my ideas in one single space - as opposed to scrap notes and mental "to do's" (bad idea). I recently discovered my love of photography and how many emotions can be expressed through one single picture. I find myself looking at blogs during my spare time and admiring the many talented photographers sharing their passion of the art. Along with photography, I have always had an affinity to interior design. My mother may be one of the most talented unofficial interior designers - she decorated her home flawlessly and has impeccable taste. Of course, like mother like daughter, I too found the beauty in defining your style and personality through your home.

I'm not sure if anyone will even read this but I hope my passion for art, style and food will intrigue my fellow bloggers.


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