Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catholic girl gone Buddhist

As a child, I was raised Catholic. I have always had a spiritual outlook on being religious and having a relationship with God, but over the years I have grown to admire the Buddhist religion and, if it's safe to say, the culture that encompasses Buddhism. Throughout my college studies, we learned about different religions and Eastern and Western outlooks on life. The idea of Buddhism really inspires my life. The belief that there is no hierarchy in nature embraces a very open and natural culture. I've always been a fan of different cultures and very open to various outlooks on life and have tried to reflect this free and natural notion when decorating my home. Recently my parents travelled to Thailand and picked up this hand-carved, three piece Buddha face. It's beautiful, simple and the wood is so raw that it really compliments my style.

Below are some items I found in local stores that I find would be contemporary accents to enhance my appreciation for nature. 

Buddha Fountain available at Z Gallerie

Tea Pot Available at Cost Plus World Market

I feel like such a West Elm advertiser - but their product line is really just my style!

Tribal Rug 

Tree Stump Side Table



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pattern Obsession: Chevron

I know everyone discovered chevron about a few years ago but being that I just became a homeowner, I've absolutely fallen in love with the pattern. For all of you who may not be so familiar with this lovely pattern, here are the chevron bath rugs I just purchased from West Elm (aside from the fact that my lovely blog header is complimented with a grey chevron)

Given my new exciting lifestyle I've pathetically gained the unhealthy habits of hours of blogging while watching the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. When did my life get so amazing? I digress...

Anyway, back to chevron - my pattern obsession. I guess you could call my blogging habit somewhat useful as I have found plenty of items and ideas that awakened my imagination for decorating my white and bare home. Chevron just happened to be one of those patterns that is simple in it's complexity. It's bold but subtle. Check out some of the inspiring rooms I've discovered over some time....

El Mueble Magazine via MadeByGirl
MadeByGirl blogger, Jen Ramos, recently posted this amazing kitchen featured in El Mueble magazine. El Mueble is a Spanish based design magazine that boasts latin-inspired modern home designs. The kitchen above has white cabinets that compliment the teal chevron backsplash that is homey without being obnoxiously colored.  I would love to have something like this in my house but my thoughts are that my complex granite countertops will just clash with a backsplash like this - great inspiration though. What are your thoughts?

Via Design*Sponge

This "wallpaper" was actually a home DIY project featured on Design*Sponge. I cannot fathom the time and attention to detail this took to complete. You can see the DIY process featured in the link below the photo.  As a girl on a budget, I love finding new DIY ideas that I can do at home - it keeps me busy in a productive way and saves me tons of money. This chevron-inspired wall would be something I'd love to tackle but think wallpaper may just be easier. 

This room is a bold one. I'm definitely impressed although I would never be able to pull this off in my own house. However, on many days I find myself staring off onto my walls thinking of ways to liven them up. I've been thinking of some drapery and think that a bold pattern like this would seriously brighten any dull room.

What are your favorite patterns? Do any of you have recommendations of where I can buy modern fabrics for window coverings?



Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Karma

What a weekend I had....

Saturday was a productive day, filled with exercise, errands and lunch with friends. As the evening rolled along, I went to the grocery store, picked up my guy and we decided to head over to my house to make some dinner and spend a nice quiet Saturday night at home together. I knew it was to good to be true. As we drove down the street of my neighborhood, we noticed a shadowy figured on the side of the road. "Is that an animal?" I said. It was. She was a beautiful, sweet yellow lab and she was all alone. We tried looking around the area for some signs of life but no owners were to be found. We decided to take her home.

She was the sweetest stray dog I had ever met. Full of love and no fear, she played in the house as if she had always known us - I was in love. Nonetheless, we had to make an effort to find her rightful owners. We took her to a 24 hour vet who was able to scan her chip and find her owners information. No big deal right? WRONG.  After calling the owner, who might I mention lives in Pasadena, California, the vet informed us that the original owner hadn't seen his dog, "Betty", for over a year. Apparently this little sweetheart was lost last January and somehow made her way into the City of Tempe. Clearly someone was taking care of this little pup since she was fed, clean and happy. So who was her lawful owner? We were in complete distress.

After giving my information to the owner in Pasadena, we left the vet with our little friend in confusion. We were already falling in love with her, had no idea where her Phoenix owner was or who they were and some random man was leaving Pasadena to come pick her up the next day. Did he even want her after so long? I wondered... Being that I am an animal lover and was worried, I decided to call the man in California and ask him what his intentions were. The puppy may not be the girl he remembered after a year of separation - I felt uncomfortable and upset. How could I give away this dog to some random man and perpetually take her away from her Arizona owners? Talk about an ethical dilemma. I pondered and pondered and pondered and as I spent more time with her, I had a hard time thinking about even letting her go....

At 2PM the next day I received a phone call from the Californian man letting me know he was ready to pick-up his dog. Truthfully, I was sad. However, after being reunited with his dog after a year, he was touched. He thanked me and thanked me and as I fought back sadness due to the fact that I wanted a companion like her for my own, I knew how happy he was and that I did a true act of kindness. I put myself in the man's shoes and knew I did the right thing. I believe in karma and hope that soon I can find my own little companion to love me and greet me and be mine.

Food for thought.



Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm in love...

With shoes. You know how some women are shoe girls and others are all about the handbag? I'm definitely a raging shoe-a-holic. Being that I'm 5'9" (probably 5'10") I had to overcome my fear of being that tall gawky girl in the crowd because shoes are gorgeous and my feet deserve to look pretty. I've been thinking of my last few retail purchases that do not involve home goods and it was two pairs of shoes... pathetically amazing. My favorite find was when I strolled into a local second hand store and picked up a pair of Moschino Cheap and Chic navy pumps. They are gorgeous, new and cost me about $60 versus $450. Perfection... Check out this picture I took on my iPhone.

Below are just a few of my current favorites. I tend to go for a shoe that is more "multi-season" appropriate since I live in Arizona. These yellow sling-backs from Anthropologie are way above my price range ($350) but so gorgeous. I'll have to find a similar style....

The cut-out trend is something I'm a huge fan of. As a closet hippie child, I find these whimsical, sexy and totally comfortable-looking.

And for the evening (although you could technically pull the others off day-to-night) I love these. Classic, sexy, black pumps. These define me! 

I really should be jabbering on about home improvements and interior design but I couldn't help but to digress on the fact that I am a girl in love with shoes. Feel free to share your favorites with me, I'd love to hear what your guilty pleasures are!

Sooner than Later,


Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I have to admit that I'm never one to set a New Year's Resolution as they end up being broken anyway. I did some thinking after the clock struck 2011 and realized that I want to achieve things this year. I suppose you can call that adulthood but I really want to buckle down on my life so I can feel like I fulfilled something over the next 365 days. Therefore this year I'm publicly documenting a list of things I want to do in 2011... here you go...

1. Learn new recipes and cook them for my family and loved ones
2. While learning new recipes, learn to use my very sharp knives. I almost lost a finger in 2010....
3. Ride my bike! I have three bikes that have been looking so lonely lately... the weather is amazing and they need some attention.
4. Work out more... how cliche but honestly, it's true. I just want to feel healthy and fresh (too many late nights)
5. Learn to use a professional camera
6. Finish my backyard
7. Get plants for my house... and keep them alive (sadly I do not have a green thumb)
8. Save money... and spend it travelling with my most favorite travel companion - my guy.
9. Spend time at home! Plan evenings accordingly :-)
10. Work hard. Working full-time the last 7 months has really made me realize how much I can do for my family business and that needs to be a priority.
11. Live in today - Happy!

Well 11 resolutions to try and stick to is quite ambitious but they are a great reminder for what I want to do over the year. I will keep you guys posted on my progress! Now.... where should I start?



Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Sorry

Many apologies for my absence over the past month. I know its no excuse but the holidays really got the best of me. I wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to many blog posts this year and all your lovely comments.

A little consolation present.... this little cutie... enjoy!