Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Karma

What a weekend I had....

Saturday was a productive day, filled with exercise, errands and lunch with friends. As the evening rolled along, I went to the grocery store, picked up my guy and we decided to head over to my house to make some dinner and spend a nice quiet Saturday night at home together. I knew it was to good to be true. As we drove down the street of my neighborhood, we noticed a shadowy figured on the side of the road. "Is that an animal?" I said. It was. She was a beautiful, sweet yellow lab and she was all alone. We tried looking around the area for some signs of life but no owners were to be found. We decided to take her home.

She was the sweetest stray dog I had ever met. Full of love and no fear, she played in the house as if she had always known us - I was in love. Nonetheless, we had to make an effort to find her rightful owners. We took her to a 24 hour vet who was able to scan her chip and find her owners information. No big deal right? WRONG.  After calling the owner, who might I mention lives in Pasadena, California, the vet informed us that the original owner hadn't seen his dog, "Betty", for over a year. Apparently this little sweetheart was lost last January and somehow made her way into the City of Tempe. Clearly someone was taking care of this little pup since she was fed, clean and happy. So who was her lawful owner? We were in complete distress.

After giving my information to the owner in Pasadena, we left the vet with our little friend in confusion. We were already falling in love with her, had no idea where her Phoenix owner was or who they were and some random man was leaving Pasadena to come pick her up the next day. Did he even want her after so long? I wondered... Being that I am an animal lover and was worried, I decided to call the man in California and ask him what his intentions were. The puppy may not be the girl he remembered after a year of separation - I felt uncomfortable and upset. How could I give away this dog to some random man and perpetually take her away from her Arizona owners? Talk about an ethical dilemma. I pondered and pondered and pondered and as I spent more time with her, I had a hard time thinking about even letting her go....

At 2PM the next day I received a phone call from the Californian man letting me know he was ready to pick-up his dog. Truthfully, I was sad. However, after being reunited with his dog after a year, he was touched. He thanked me and thanked me and as I fought back sadness due to the fact that I wanted a companion like her for my own, I knew how happy he was and that I did a true act of kindness. I put myself in the man's shoes and knew I did the right thing. I believe in karma and hope that soon I can find my own little companion to love me and greet me and be mine.

Food for thought.



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