Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I have to admit that I'm never one to set a New Year's Resolution as they end up being broken anyway. I did some thinking after the clock struck 2011 and realized that I want to achieve things this year. I suppose you can call that adulthood but I really want to buckle down on my life so I can feel like I fulfilled something over the next 365 days. Therefore this year I'm publicly documenting a list of things I want to do in 2011... here you go...

1. Learn new recipes and cook them for my family and loved ones
2. While learning new recipes, learn to use my very sharp knives. I almost lost a finger in 2010....
3. Ride my bike! I have three bikes that have been looking so lonely lately... the weather is amazing and they need some attention.
4. Work out more... how cliche but honestly, it's true. I just want to feel healthy and fresh (too many late nights)
5. Learn to use a professional camera
6. Finish my backyard
7. Get plants for my house... and keep them alive (sadly I do not have a green thumb)
8. Save money... and spend it travelling with my most favorite travel companion - my guy.
9. Spend time at home! Plan evenings accordingly :-)
10. Work hard. Working full-time the last 7 months has really made me realize how much I can do for my family business and that needs to be a priority.
11. Live in today - Happy!

Well 11 resolutions to try and stick to is quite ambitious but they are a great reminder for what I want to do over the year. I will keep you guys posted on my progress! Now.... where should I start?



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