Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm in love...

With shoes. You know how some women are shoe girls and others are all about the handbag? I'm definitely a raging shoe-a-holic. Being that I'm 5'9" (probably 5'10") I had to overcome my fear of being that tall gawky girl in the crowd because shoes are gorgeous and my feet deserve to look pretty. I've been thinking of my last few retail purchases that do not involve home goods and it was two pairs of shoes... pathetically amazing. My favorite find was when I strolled into a local second hand store and picked up a pair of Moschino Cheap and Chic navy pumps. They are gorgeous, new and cost me about $60 versus $450. Perfection... Check out this picture I took on my iPhone.

Below are just a few of my current favorites. I tend to go for a shoe that is more "multi-season" appropriate since I live in Arizona. These yellow sling-backs from Anthropologie are way above my price range ($350) but so gorgeous. I'll have to find a similar style....

The cut-out trend is something I'm a huge fan of. As a closet hippie child, I find these whimsical, sexy and totally comfortable-looking.

And for the evening (although you could technically pull the others off day-to-night) I love these. Classic, sexy, black pumps. These define me! 

I really should be jabbering on about home improvements and interior design but I couldn't help but to digress on the fact that I am a girl in love with shoes. Feel free to share your favorites with me, I'd love to hear what your guilty pleasures are!

Sooner than Later,


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