Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Life: Consumed.

About a month ago (which is about the last time I updated my blog) my guy and I decided to rescue a puppy. We went to the local PetsMart to see our future pup (note: just one), and walked out the door with two little rascals: Duke and Baxter.

They have got to be the cutest little guys I have ever laid eyes on (as everyone says about their own puppies). Anyway, Duke, Baxter and their 7 other siblings and loving mama were scheduled to be euthanized at just 4 days old. Our lovely foster mom of Valley Dogs Rescue found out that these guys were on the "E-List" and drove all the way across town to rescue them and foster them until they were ready to be adopted. Needless to say, these two little guys have definitely kept me busy over the past few weeks but I am so thankful they came into our lives. I've also been exploring my new hobby (and potential future career) of photography and Baxter and Duke have so kindly allowed me to be their guinea pigs (amongst running around in the grass). Take a look and let me know what you think! 



Awesome little joys in my life!



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