Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pondering: Bridesmaid Duties

Always a bridesmaid? Not necessarily me.... uh oh.

If you're wondering where I'm getting at, my lovely roommate (who happens to be the fiance of my guy's brother) just asked me to be the bridesmaid at her wedding next March! I have to admit, her timing was perfect. Her and I tivo-ed the Royal Wedding about 2 months ago and never got around to watching it (well who honestly has 6 hours to spend watching royalty wed into matrimonial bliss? slightly nauseating..)

Anywho, it was actually really fun watching and being taken back to a time where I thought I could be a princess and my prince would take me away on my royal carriage (hello real life).

And so my roomie so sweetly asked if I could be her bridesmaid. In the moment of giddy-princess-girlishness I felt really honored (don't get me wrong, I still do)! Not only will I be summoned to dress fittings, cake tastings and making invitations until my fingers swell, BUT I will be in those pictures for the rest of her life. That's a big deal and I will fulfill my duties as much as I can.. the problem is.. what do bridesmaids even do??

A bride is a very delicate little creature, full of emotion, excitement and anxiety. In my opinion, there is a very fine line between laziness, being helpful and being overbearing. Since I've never had this age-old title bestowed upon me before, I try to think about what I would want as a bride - SPACE. I know we are there to help, but ultimately my little bride-to-be makes all the decisions (with the "help" of my guy's brother). I would rather give advice when asked instead of shoving new ideas into her head creating more confusion. A bride's day is supposed to be "perfect" (do we even know what that is?) so the last thing I'd want to do is stray her away from her original intentions.

I suppose the purpose of this post was to let all my "readers" know I'm still here, I will be back and I'll have lots of new stories ahead.



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