Monday, June 27, 2011

In the Details: Making a house a home

When I moved into my home, it was a maze of white walls and the only tepid source of personality was the tile, carpet and countertops that I was able to pick out myself from the builder. The last 8 months have flown by and I have yet to paint a wall, yet my house is slowly transforming to an empty abode to my home. I've learned that little transformations that aren't as committing as paint are the small little details. Pictures, art, candles, unique furniture all play into this notion of "home." We hear all these phrases "home is where the heart is" and "home" is not just a noun - it's a feeling, your personality, an idea - it's memories in the making. Lately I've been looking into changing up some little details in my home - starting with:


via Lowes

My house came with these - not ugly by any means, but nothing special.
But how about switching up some rooms with these stunning knobs? I think these take a door from something that divides a room to a sweet surprise,  leaving someone thinking...

"well, what is behind this door?"

I found a ton at Anthropologie (of course, my favorite store!)

Can you guess what the other side says? So cute 
Classic feminine chic

I'm having trouble finding doorknobs like this anywhere else - I'm on the hunt! Help me?

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  1. The last one is my absolute favorite :) you can find lots of them on etsy :) everything from vintage glass ones ( love them )to wooden or ornate metal doorknobs ;) Xo

    - Urska @


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