Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Time

I know Arizona isn't much of an Autumn destination, but the cool nights and cloudy days awaken my hunger for rusty orange decor, pumpkin baked goods and crafts - which is where I began. My mom and I recently picked up this month's version of Women's Day (am I getting old?) and noticed this amazingly easy and cute craft project that we decided to try out. Here is what we started with...

Lots of empty wine bottles (aka: lots of wine drinking). We took a bunch of different wine bottles of all shapes and colors, peeled the labels and got to work. Then our old recyclables turned into this wonderful Fall Time decoration...

Cute candle holders that are a mix of spooky faces and chic elegance. I'm in love! I got to bring these to my new house to create some sense of homeyness amongst the array of moving boxes.

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