Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Challenge

I have always been a fan of food - I love to bake my cake and eat it too. After moving into the the new house, I purchased a wonderful 15 piece set of pots and pans to call my own and make memories with.

My lucky boyfriend (at least I think so) gets to be the guinea pig almost every night of the week for new recipes and concoctions my mind believes will taste good. Now I have to admit, being in a new kitchen definitely takes some getting used to (I burnt chicken a few weeks ago...) but after a few meals in my new place, I've become quite the little chef. The problem is, I make what seem to taste like great meals (especially mid-week) and all I seem to get from the guy is "this is good babe."

"Good." Probably the worst word in the dictionary. It's what I say to strangers that I don't care about when they ask me "How are you?" I could be having the worst day but all they want to hear and all I can say is "good." So why does my loving and, usually very complimenting, boyfriend use this slightly offensive term? See, for me, food is somewhat a way of life. My day can really go up or down based on the meals I eat. I get that he probably doesn't feel as passionate about food as I do, but the thing is - could he have made last sunday's penne with homemade vodka sauce? No. The kid barely can tell what basil looks like - and I love him for it nonetheless.

My new challenge is this - blow his mind will all sorts of recipes. He has to find something to identify his liking other than "good." His idea of "amazing" would be Fettuccine Alfredo from Olive Garden. I have to hand it to Olive Garden, the dish is really tasty for a chain restaurant meal, but its time that D gets a taste of something gourmet and made with love. I will keep you posted on my success rate (or lack thereof..)

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