Friday, November 19, 2010

Sedona Red Rock Inspiration

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend my time in Sedona, Arizona. For those of you that have not been, Sedona is a twenty mile radius of beautiful red rocks and a picturesque canyon range. The fall colors (which we do not get enough of in Phoenix) perfectly complimented the colors of the mountains. See for yourself:

It's simply magical - a picture honestly cannot do the place much justice. After spending 72 hours here I felt so inspired to blog about Fall colors incorporated into everyday life.

Pumpkin Pie - blissfully delicious. Pumpkin pie truly epitomizes the tastes of the Fall season.

A cozy yellow throw. A perfect punch of color and warmth for the cool days of laying on the couch. This throw happens to be from Pottery Barn and is a steal gift idea for just $79.00.

A cinnamon broom. Cinnamon is probably one of my favorite holiday scents, although Apple and Pine are right in my top three. Trader Joe's sells these deliciously scented wooden brooms for under $10.00. They are a perfect addition to start the Fall season and fill your home with a wonderful cinnamon scent all throughout the winter season. The one Trader's sells has a much longer handle than the one in the picture below so I am going to lean it against one of my walls and enjoy the perfect smell of the holidays.

Whether its cooking or decorations, its easy to bring the feeling of the Holidays into your home. In Phoenix its definitely hard to feel the spirit of the season due to the heat, so I try and make up for the lack of appropriate weather by cooking and decorating my new casa.

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