Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sundays, although just shy of Mondays, can be quite relaxing for me. I often find myself browsing through different blogs, seeing where each click takes me. For some reason, I always happen to stumble upon photography websites and blogs which absolutely entrance me. Photography is such a wonderful expression of a moment. The term "a picture says a thousand" words does not seem to do many pictures justice. Although I'm not getting married anytime soon, I absolutely adore the charm that a "boy meets girl" photo exudes.

Being that I just took the biggest loan of my life, I have to settle with just adoration of this art. I've never been a girl that's been taken by a specific hobby, but I know that if I could just have a nice camera and learn the basics, I could truly fulfill an inner craving to get in touch with my creative side and express emotion through image.

Take a look at these photos that particularly inspired me (honestly I had to REALLY narrow down my list)

Via Shannen Norman Photography

Brooke Sirianni via Grey Likes Weddings
Via Smitten Kitchen

My Mom always taught me that presentation is half the taste when it comes to cooking. The photo above depicts how a simple butternut squash can be turned into a work of art. I die. Honestly, I could bore you with hundreds of photos but you may fall asleep. One day, when I grow up (wait, that was yesterday???) I'll get a big-girl camera and set my imagination free.

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