Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Airport Etiquette

Here I go, right up on my soapbox to tell the citizens of the USA:


You'll have to excuse my absence the last week as I travelled to New York City for the first time to reunite with my best friend for her birthday. A side note: Arizona girl in New York City during the dead of Winter? Yes, I might be a saint and a damn good friend I must say.

Anyway, during my travel there, I became utterly appalled at the terrible etiquette my fellow passengers displayed and let's not forget the terrible flight attendants. Where do I begin?

Here are some rules (in no particular order of importance)....

1. Let's just say that yanking the seat in front of you as an attempt to stand up is not acceptable. How about using the armrest provided? Because unlike you,  I AM SLEEPING and prefer not to be yanked violently because you need to use the restroom.

2. Do you need to crowd when entering the plane? The zone is clearly labeled on your ticket and blocking the entrance isn't helping anyone people.

3. Even though I am already sitting in my seat, I still do exist and I'm 5'9".  Getting hit by your obnoxiously large carry-on luggage isn't really my cup of tea.

4. NEVER wear cheap cologne. I guess these goes to say for all forms of etiquette. Spare us please. I was practically choked to death for the two hours I had to endure with the greasy looking man next to me who seemed to have spilled the entire bottle all over his cheap, poorly tailored suit. Did I mention he loved Mariah Carey?

5. This brings me to my next point. Just because you love Mariah Carey and she gets you through the flight doesn't mean that all of us want to hear her, especially the muffled version because your iPod is blasting. Because you know what happens? When others get annoyed with your loud music selection, they decide to blare their favorite music on their respectable iPods to drown out your choice. Where does that leave us innocent bystanders who just want to nap? In muffled musical agony. I experienced a war between Mariah and Usher than not even E! could get their hands on.

6. Last, but surely not least, this is for all you flight attendants. That fake smile plastered to your face doesn't do much justice to masking the fact that you hate your job. Running into your passengers with your butt isn't really professional or appropriate. That is all.

To conclude my rant, I know we all hate the airlines. They charge us obscene fees for luggage and every time I fly the planes seem to be smaller and fuller.  But when it comes down to it we should not succumb to our misery - we need to work together to make sure our encounters with the airlines are as short and stress-free as possible. I know you all agree.

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