Friday, July 15, 2011

The girl who was afraid to over-accessorize

Coco Chanel always said "put on all your accessories then take one off" ...... meaning less is more.

I have always been somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing - making sure that what I'm seen as is me versus all the bright knick-knacks I've dressed myself up in. I've seen so many women over do themselves in rings, bracelts, necklaces and on top of that tons of make-up - that's just not me. However, lately I've been seeing amazing bold jewelry take way to even the most casual outfits and frankly, I'm crying out for help!

I recently discovered Kendi Everyday, where Kendi is now doing the 30 for 30 challenge. She took 30 articles of clothing/shoes and is mixing and matching just those pieces for 30 days (I'm dying to try this). She has the most adorable (and affordable) accessories that turn her fun outfits to a complete fashion statement.  These days I rock 1 of my 3 watches, a pair of silver hoops or some gold, beaded teardrop earrings depending on my metal-of-the-day (Kinda boring....). Check out a few of Kendi's outfits that inspire me to delve into accessorizing a little better.

 I wear a watch everyday, unless I'm at the gym. Adding in cute bangles is such a good idea and I'm so nervous to take this plunge without feeling like those gaudy women that Coco told us never to be. PS that belt is so adorable.

This outfit inspires me in so many ways. It's the perfect example that you can take two naturally opposing patterns, pair them together to make an adorable summery outfit. Note the cute long necklace and simple bangles to tie it all together. I die..

This is by far my hardest but most well-loved combo: the necklace duo. So many mornings I try this but feel as if it just doesn't go together. I think I'm going to try and stop buying so many clothes (my guy will love this) and try and start making my outfits look different by mixing and matching. I'm definitely considering doing a 30 for 30 challenge because I think it will teach me to appreciate what I have in my closet and take that step to accessorize my outfit to switch it up a bit. Happy Friday!


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