Friday, July 1, 2011

Picking my brain: the travel bug

I love to travel. It's something that's been passed down to me from my parents, who are world travelers themselves. I as a young child, I became accustomed to traveling a lot to visit my family in Europe for various holidays (although getting older I tend to get a bit of airplane anxiety, but that's another story for another time). Transitioning to adulthood, I realized the benefit travelling has on our perspective of life. I'd like to take credit for passing along the travel bug to my guy, who is by farrr my favorite travel companion. After seeing some of the world, I feel that I've become more open-minded to different mannerisms we inherit from our culture and I appreciate my way of life so much more (a little 4th of July patriotism). Other cultures and how we evolved to act the way we do is so fascinating. Our societal behaviors are on a constant strain of evolution, changing practically day-by-day. However, with media and the introduction of the internet, we have all become so close together. I can now see someone on the other side of the planet with the right software and a click of my mouse and yet we still hold on to those deeply rooted cultural values and norms (seriously, you'd think I was a sociology major!) 

Working in an office all day my inbox gets flooded with amazing travel deals from websites like living socialtravel zoo, and Jetsetter. So many deals, so little vacation time... oh yah and money (that funny little thing)

My dream job (I tell my boyfriend this on a weekly basis) is to move to some exotic place and work in the tourism industry - beaches, fruity drinks, sun-kissed skin... I digress. Check out these amazing places that are currently topping my list of go-to's...

If you've read back a few months, you may have seen me mention my liking for Eastern/Buddhist culture art. PS - I'm addicted to Thai food. Plus, it's beautiful there! Yes pleaseee!


History, art, architecture, delicious food... there are no words.
(oh and soccer!)
Just a hop skip and a jump away compared to the two destinations above! And yet, I yearn to go. Northern California has amazing food, wineries and let's not forget the Redwood Forest.
Ah so beautiful... Can't wait to blog about these places when I actually visit them.

Happy 4th of July!


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