Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adventures in raising a puppy..or 2

A case of the Monday's is an understatement for the perpetual cloud that hung over me all day yesterday, choosing to storm every few hours with some new craptastic situation. After a long weekend and an even longer day at work, I figured to myself It's 5, time to go home and rest and relax. I came home, put on my sweats and popped on Sunday's recorded episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians (lethal addiction). To my dismay, as I oogled into the TV, my PRECIOUS dogs manage to do this.

via my iPhone
In case you can't make that out due to the sudden pain in your eyes, its my gorgeous, one of a kind, anthropologie wedge. I found these beauties looking lonely in the sale section and quickly snatched them up for a mere $70.00. They were perfect and my favorite pair of shoes. As I saw my lifeless shoe being chewed on like some stuffed bunny, I paused in utter shock. Then, I cried.

I cried over a pair of perfect wedge heels.

Pathetic? yes. But rightfully so. I don't really know how to give these a proper goodbye - I can't imagine throwing them away but what more can these be used for? Until I find a way to part with my pretty shoes, they will wait in my garage, probably very mad at me for ruining them. This is what these beauties originally looked like.

Must find them.


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