Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Gorgeous: Free People

I got this in an email this morning and find myself at a loss for words. These ladies are so boho stylish I'm literally drooling. Free People is one of those brands I've always loved but could rarely afford (sad life..) It's the brand that pretty much describes my style in one brand name - some of their pieces are, no doubt, way too bohemian for me to rock day to day but let's just pretend that these dreamy looks will soon to be my closet ladies.

Dream on Nina, dream on....

okay, I love this - via
Is it Fall yet? - via
Cute Crochet - via
And for the over-the-top look of the day that we love.... (drumroll pleaseeee)

An amazing $900 fringe jacket - hello 1977- via
I just wanna throw it out there that if Free People ever needs another model, I could potentially stop eating and jump on that bandwagon. And to all you Judge Judys -

Ya, it could happen.

hippie hugs,

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  1. oh my word ill never get over free people!! it is my obsession!! not too long ago i did a post about a stylist for free people and posted some pics from their website as well!! great post :))


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