Friday, August 19, 2011

A Helping Hand: Tribal Baskets

Is just me or has the basket made a surprising comeback? Either way, I've been noticing them left and right. It all started with this great West Elm basket:

Being that I have that bohemian love inside of me - there's something about tribal prints and ikat's that just strikes me. I decided to dig deeper and this is what I found.


African Market Baskets, which is part of the Fair Trade Federation, sources baskets straight from villages in Ghana and delivers them right to your door. Proceeds from the baskets go to help feed, buy school supplies and support the village weavers and their families. The Fair Trade Federation is an organization that prides themselves on sustainable import practices in North America and bringing support to developing communities.

So in light of the fact that I would be helping support a community of weavers in Ghana with my purchase, I decided to get one. It came right to my door in about 3 days and is great quality. I was originally going to keep it outside to hold all my flip flops for the yard, but its just too cute so I'm finding it a home inside. Its big enough to hold magazines, children's toys and/or towels. Get yourself one, here!


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  1. African Baskets are classy and cool. They are strong, durable and each one is unique!


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