Thursday, August 11, 2011

Floating: In DIY Heaven

Okay kids, in light of my recent loss-of-shoe, I am grieving and in need of keeping busy. With that being said, Pinterest has got me hooked. It's like a global community to share amazing projects on..

I have been looking for new ways to jazz up my summer-stricken backyard (let's just say my baby plants met their match when the big bad heat came and stomped all over them) and not to mention little things to brighten the home here and there.

Check out what's on my DIY to-do (besides the CL wingback chair that needs to be re-upholstered anddd those two nightstands that need to be re-painted... oops.) Anywho, here she blows..

1. The DIY Necklace

This one may take quite a bit of time, but I need something to pull me away from the relentless trash TV I take in per week (ugh, I love ittt). This little necklace costs about $20 and its something I can proudly sport day and night and boast that it's "handmade." Lovely.


2. The knitted ottoman cover.

Where does one get giant knitting needles to even pull this off. More importantly, where do I learn to knit? Minor detail. (Mommmmmm?) You can tell that this unforgiving heat is making me yearn for those soft sweaters and cool breezes. I digress..

3. The Daybed.

What more can you say about this that isn't spoken in the title? The daybed is the epitome of a lazy Sunday. And this one happens to be made from a gross old palet and an old door in the back. Time to roll up my sleeves and get hunting because this one is just topping my list.

So many things to do, so little time. Has anyone had any experience with re-upholstery? The chair I bought is in great shape but has an absolutely grotesque fabric on it...

Until next time



  1. We made pallet sofas ( like 6 ) for the balcony @ the cafe where I work and they turned out super great! I painted them the whole sunny day ( what a pain in.. ) but it looks super in the end - and at almost no cost so.. worth a try :)

    - Urska @

  2. Ugh I gotta make that pallet daybed, it's just so darn hot here in Arizona! Thanks for the support.


  3. pallets are everywhere!!! that bed is awesome. i really dig that necklace... i could totally make it, if only i could stop being so lazy.
    fall wish list...


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